Former President Clinton discharged from hospital

Former President Clinton discharged from hospital
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Former President Clinton was discharged from the hospital after five days following treatment for an infection.

"President Clinton was discharged from UC Irvine Medical Center today," said a statement from Alpesh Amin, who has overseen the former president's medical treatment at UC Irvine Health.

Clinton had been hospitalized on Tuesday due to sepsis caused by an infection. He was placed in an intensive care unit for privacy reasons. 


"His fever and white blood cell count are normalized and he will return home to New York to finish his course of antibiotics. On behalf of everyone at UC Irvine's Medical Center, we were honored to have treated him and will continue to monitor his progress," the doctor's statement said. 

Amin's statement was shared in a tweet on Sunday by Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña.

Clinton's discharge on Sunday had been expected after Ureña said on Saturday the former president was making "excellent progress."

Sepsis begins in the lungs, urinary tract, skin or gastrointestinal tract and can lead to organ failure and become a fatal issue if not properly treated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People over the age of 65, including those with weakened immune systems and chronic medical conditions, face an increased risk of sepsis.

The 75-year-old Clinton has a history of heart problems and underwent surgery in 2004 and 2010.