Swing vote Pryor says he's inclined to vote for Senate immigration bill

Sen. Mark PryorMark Lunsford PryorCotton glides to reelection in Arkansas Live updates: Democrats fight to take control of the Senate Lobbying world MORE, a conservative Democrat from Arkansas, told The Hill he’s inclined to support the Senate’s immigration reform bill. [WATCH VIDEO]

Media reports have characterized Pryor as a likely Democratic defector on immigration reform, but on Thursday he endorsed the bill.

“I’m inclined to support it,” he told The Hill. “I’m watching the amendment process very closely. I’m concerned that they may add some sort of poison pill amendment or something like that, but nonetheless I’m inclined to support it.

“Generally speaking, I’m for immigration reform,” he added.

Pryor said his vote ultimately depends on what amendments are adopted, and he is leery of poison pills.

Pryor said he has read all but the final 100 pages of the 1,000-plus page bill.

“Overall I think it is comprehensive, and I think it’s a good set of reforms that need to be done,” he said. “I’m not sure I agree with every single line of it, but the package is good, and I really appreciate the fact that we had four Democrats, four Republicans come together to draft it.”

Pryor voted earlier this week to begin debate on the legislation, as did 30 Republican senators.