Schumer: Trump unlikely to get OK on more military acts

Schumer: Trump unlikely to get OK on more military acts
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Senate Minority Leader Charles SchumerChuck SchumerVoting rights failed in the Senate — where do we go from here? Forced deadline spurs drastic tactic in Congress Democrats call on Biden administration to ease entry to US for at-risk Afghans MORE (D-N.Y.) says Congress is unlikely to greenlight more military force for President Trump after his missile strike in Syria.

“I think Congress would be opposed to that,” he told reporters. "I think he’d need the Congress’s OK to go ahead and do it.”

“I think the view of most, if not all, in my caucus is very, very dubious of the kind of large-scale military action we saw in Iraq, and dubious of military action generally,” Schumer added.


“And I, for one, am really, really wary and worried about getting committed to another land war and making the same mistake that we did in Iraq.”

Democrats and Republicans alike have urged Trump to obtain congressional approval for any further military force following last week’s missile strike in Syria.

Trump ordered the attack on Syria’s Shayrat Air Base following reports of a chemical attack originating there that left more than 80 civilians dead.

U.S. and Western officials have blamed last week’s incident on forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Russia is an ally of Assad’s government, putting it at odds with the U.S. over how to resolve the Syrian civil war.

The White House released an intelligence assessment Tuesday saying that it is “confident” Assad used sarin gas in last week’s attack.

The four-page, declassified report adds Russia is spreading “disinformation” about the attack’s origins to hide Assad’s involvement.

“It’s clear the Russians are trying to cover up what happened there,” a senior White House official said.