Rubio defends Trump: 'This whole flip-flop thing is a political thing'

Rubio defends Trump: 'This whole flip-flop thing is a political thing'
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Sen. Marco RubioMarco Antonio RubioDemocrats brush off calls for Biden to play hardball on Cabinet picks GOP senator congratulates Biden, says Trump should accept results GOP lawmaker patience runs thin with Trump tactics MORE (R-Fla.) on Sunday defended President Trump amid criticism that he has changed his views on certain campaign positions.

"I think when you're running for president, especially someone that's never held elective office, there's ... a lens that you may view the world though," Rubio said during an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press."
"Then you get elected and you get good people and those good people bring you the facts."
The Florida Republican said that "reality begins to assert itself" at that point.
"And you have to react to that," he said.
"You're now the president. You're no longer a candidate, you're not a pundit, you have to actually make decisions that have real impact and consequence, and I think that's what you're seeing here."
Rubio said he thinks the president is now "dealing with the reality of being president of the United States."
"I think he's dealing with the reality of our options oftentimes in foreign policy are not a choice between a good one and a bad one," Rubio said.
"It's a choice between two less-than-ideal options and you're trying to figure out which is the least harmful of the two and I think that's something we should be encouraged by, not something we should be critical of," he continued.
"This whole flip-flop thing is a political thing. It's something people use in campaigns."
Rubio said in every other aspect of life, people change their minds or "make different decisions when presented with a set of facts that perhaps are different from what they thought."
"Why should that not be the case," he said, "especially for something as important as a presidency?"