Franken accuses Trump of flip-flopping on House healthcare bill

Franken accuses Trump of flip-flopping on House healthcare bill
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"It went from great to mean. In the Rose Garden it was 'great.' Now, just a few weeks later, that same great bill is 'mean,' " Franken said from the Senate floor. 
Several Democratic senators have referenced Trump's comments made to Senate Republicans during a closed-door meeting last week, during which he knocked the House bill and urged senators to be more generous. 
The comments were a reversal from those Trump made during a press conference with House Republicans celebrating their vote to pass the bill, when he called it a "great plan." 
Franken added during a late-night Senate talkathon that there would be a large amount of overlap between the House and Senate bills, "but we can't be sure because the Senate has had precisely zero hearings, zero days of public floor debate." 
Franken also knocked Republicans for refusing to hold a hearing or committee meetings on their legislation after previously accusing Democrats of trying to rush the Affordable Care Act. 
"The irony is palpable. Feel the palpable irony. ... Feel it, Mr. President? Does everybody feel it?" Franken asked looking around the Senate chamber.