GOP senator on healthcare plan: 'If I don’t get to read it, I don’t vote for it'

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) said on Wednesday that he wouldn't vote for a healthcare bill if he wasn't first able to read and study it.

During an interview on MSNBC, Cassidy was asked whether he thinks he'll get the chance to see the GOP healthcare plan and decide whether it is satisfactory before a vote.

"If I don't get to read it, I don't vote for it," he said.


"If I don't get to study it, I don't vote for it. And so it's just a question — we got pretty detailed discussion, though, as to what we wish to do."

Cassidy said he's not defending the process and doesn't like it.

"I can either sit around and complain about the process," he said, "or I can dig in, try and make it better."

Lawmakers and the public are expected to receive draft text of the healthcare bill on Thursday morning ahead of a likely vote next week.

Senate Republicans have criticized their own party for negotiating and writing a healthcare reform bill largely behind closed doors and without input from Democrats.