Columnist: Roy Moore first took interest in his wife when she was underage

Columnist: Roy Moore first took interest in his wife when she was underage
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A columnist for an Alabama newspaper slammed supporters of GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore who say they believe him over the many women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Kyle Whitmire, a political columnist for Alabama Media Group, wrote in his Monday column that Moore’s “own words” explain his attraction to teenagers, particularly when talking about how he met his own wife.

In Moore’s book, Whitmire writes, he describes meeting his wife, Kayla, at a Christmas party when he was 37 and she was 23. Moore goes on to say that he thought he recalled the same woman performing in a dance recital at a junior college “many years before,” later determining that it was, in fact, his wife, who would have been a teenager at the time.

“It doesn't matter how many other women come forward to say Moore solicited them too,” Whitmire writes. “But I urge those folks who still don't believe to listen to the words. But not hers. Or hers. Or theirs. Listen to his.”

“Take a second to think about what's being said here,” Whitmire writes. “Moore first took notice of Kayla at a dance recital? Perhaps you're wondering what 'many years' means, and I wondered that too. Luckily, Moore again has cleared that up for us.”

Whitmire takes Moore’s own words, from an interview that took place earlier this year, where he says that the Christmas party took place “eight years later, or something” after the dance recital where he first took notice of Kayla, putting her potentially as young as 15 years old.


“There's a little fuzziness, to be sure, in the timeline. There's the 'or something' Moore fudges with in the interview,” Whitmire writes. “Eight years before could have been slightly too early to put Moore in Gadsden, he started work as an deputy district attorney there in 1977. So maybe she was 15, or maybe she was 16. But still, here is a grown man at about 30 years old attending a girls' dance recital, and doing what exactly?”

Moore has been accused by nearly 10 women of pursuing inappropriate romantic or sexual relationships with them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. One of the first women to come forward said that Moore touched her sexually when she was 14 and he was 32, while another said he assaulted her when she was 16.

Several other reports have come forward about Moore’s behavior and reputation, including that he was banned from an Alabama mall for his behavior toward teenage girls.

“Is it too much to believe that Roy Moore wasn't praying for women then but preying on women?” Whitmire writes. “Is it too much to believe these women? If so, then you don't have to. You just have to believe Roy Moore.”

Moore faces off against Democrat Doug Jones in a special election on Dec. 12.