Schumer: Trump's speech 'stoked the fires of division'

Schumer: Trump's speech 'stoked the fires of division'
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“After a long and divisive year, many Americans were yearning for the President to present a unifying vision for the country. Unfortunately, his address tonight stoked the fires of division instead of bringing us closer together," Schumer said in a statement on Tuesday.
Trump called for bipartisan action on infrastructure and immigration during his speech. 
But Democrats were visibly stone-faced throughout much of the speech and some booed and hissed when Trump made a statement about what he calls "chain migration."
Trump also touted a "great wall" along the U.S.-Mexico border and urged lawmakers to make changes to immigration law. 
Trump has pitched an immigration framework that would give nearly 2 million immigrants brought to the country illegally as children a path to citizenship. But that would be offset by tens of billions of dollars in spending on the wall and reforms to legal immigration.