Blumenthal: Democrats had 'nothing to do' with Kavanaugh accusers coming forward

Blumenthal: Democrats had 'nothing to do' with Kavanaugh accusers coming forward
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Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) says that his party had nothing to do with the decisions of three women to come forward with accusations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, President TrumpDonald John TrumpSchiff pleads to Senate GOP: 'Right matters. And the truth matters.' Anita Hill to Iowa crowd: 'Statute of limitations' for Biden apology is 'up' Sen. Van Hollen releases documents from GAO investigation MORE's Supreme Court pick.

In an interview on Capitol Hill recorded by Cheddar, the Connecticut senator called it "disrespectful" for Trump to characterize the women's accusations as a "con game." 


"Democrats had nothing to do with these women coming forward. They came forward on their own," Blumenthal said.

Trump this week said Democrats are playing a "con game" in a "vicious effort to destroy" Kavanaugh.

"Calling it a 'con job' [or] blaming it on Democrats is more disrespect and disregard for women who are survivors of sexual attack," Blumenthal added. "It is an insult to the survivor community to imply that these women are somehow puppets of Democratic senators, [or] part of a Democratic cabal."

"They came forward on their own," he concluded. "They have the courage and strength to give their voices and faces to the cause of the survivor community."


Kavanaugh is set to address accusations from Christine Blasey Ford, one of the three women to come forward, at a special hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday ahead of Friday's vote. Two other women have come forward in recent days with similar accusations of sexual assault, and have joined Ford's call for an FBI investigation.

Republicans have so far denied calls for an investigation beyond Thursday's hearing, while Democrats have called on the White House to call for an FBI investigation or rescind Kavanaugh's nomination.

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations and says he has never sexually assaulted anyone.