CNN analyst: Kavanaugh confirmation’s message to women is 'you won’t be taken seriously'

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers on Monday said the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court sends a message to women that they "won’t be taken seriously" when they come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Powers made the comments after Kavanaugh was confirmed over the weekend following a lengthy and bruising battle that involved multiple allegations of sexual assault against him. He denied all accusations. 


"I think the message is, no matter how credible you are, no matter how calm and reasonable and truthful you are in your testimony, that you won’t be taken seriously," Powers said on CNN's "New Day." 

Christine Blasey Ford, a California psychology professor, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of September about her allegation that Kavanaugh pinned her down and assaulted her at a high school party in 1982. 

Kavanaugh followed her testimony with a fiery and emotional appeal in which he categorically denied her claims and wrote them off as part of a smear campaign against him. 

The FBI opened up a weeklong investigation into the allegations. Only senators were allowed to view the bureau's final report last week.

Powers on CNN said it was "patronizing" that several Republican leaders said they believe Ford but do not think it was Kavanaugh who assaulted her.

"You’ll be sort of patted on the head and patronized the way the Republicans did with Christine Blasey Ford — saying, 'Oh we believe her, we just don't believe it was Brett Kavanaugh,' which is actually the essence of not believing her because she said it was Brett Kavanaugh," Powers said. 

" 'We just won't take it seriously,' " she added. " 'We’ll do a sham investigation and then we’ll tell you to sit down and shut up.' And I think that that’s a really terrible message to send to women."

Kavanaugh was ultimately confirmed by the smallest Senate margin in almost 140 years, according to CBS News

"When people say, 'I don’t understand why women don’t come forward,' I would say, 'let’s look at what just happened,' " Powers said.