Rand Paul confronted over 'Republican bullshit' in restaurant

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was confronted at a restaurant by two people who called out the lawmaker over "Republican bullshit," according to a video tweeted by Paul and a member of his staff. 

The confrontation happened while Paul was having lunch in California, his spokesman, Sergio Gor, tweeted Friday along with a 24-second video clip. 

"The left blames incivility on @realDonaldTrump. Watch this video and decide who the rude ones are," Paul said in a separate tweet sharing Gor's video.

"You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we're not putting up with your Republican bullshit," a woman in the video said, after flashing her middle finger to the camera. 

A man is heard saying "all right, we are Americans." 

When asked for additional comment regarding the confrontation, Gor told The Hill on Monday that "the video speaks for itself."

--This report was updated at 2:48 p.m.