Sherrod Brown: GOP colleagues privately acknowledge Trump is racist, misogynist

Ohio Sen. Sherrod BrownSherrod Campbell BrownSunday shows — New impeachment phase dominates Brown confirms he won't enter 2020 race: 'I think it's a good field' GM officially sells Ohio plant, months after Trump touted sale MORE (D) alleged in a new interview that his Republican colleagues in the Senate have privately admitted that President TrumpDonald John TrumpLindsey Graham vows to not watch 'un-American' Trump impeachment hearings Televised impeachment begins: Are Democrats ready for their close-up? Trump goes on retweeting offensive ahead of public impeachment hearing MORE is “a racist” and “a misogynist.”

“Most Republican senators, when you talk to them individually, quietly, will acknowledge that Trump is a racist,” Brown said during a Monday interview on “The Late Show with Stephen ColbertStephen Tyrone ColbertHelen Mirren, Ian McKellen act out Trump Ukraine call in Colbert appearance Klobuchar to Colbert: We're going 'to build a blue wall' in PA, WI, MI and 'make Trump pay for it' Sherrod Brown: GOP colleagues privately acknowledge Trump is racist, misogynist MORE.” “They’ll acknowledge that Trump is a misogynist. They’ll acknowledge he has trouble telling the truth.” 

Brown also blasted Trump over the whistleblower complaint filed earlier this year accusing the president of withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenLindsey Graham vows to not watch 'un-American' Trump impeachment hearings University of Florida student government president faces impeachment over Trump Jr. appearance 'Ok, boomer' is much more than a meme MORE. Brown also targeted the Trump administration’s move last month to pull back troops from northern Syria, a choice critics said endangered Kurdish allies in the region.


“They know he doesn’t do his homework,” Brown continued. “They wonder about his relationship with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin because almost all of Trump’s foreign policy actions, frankly, are good for the Russians and not always good for us ... including withholding aid to Ukraine, including pulling out the troops so that the Turks attack. That was good for Russia, it was good for ISIS, it was good for Iran, but it wasn’t good for the U.S., and it wasn’t good for Israel, clearly,” Brown said.

But Brown added that he had not heard GOP senators discuss the impeachment inquiry House Democrats launched against Trump in September over the whistleblower complaint.

“I’ve not heard any talk about that because they know that one puts them in real trouble if they acknowledge that publicly,” Brown said.

“It’s pretty clear that Republican senators — I mean, they’re not going to go down as profiles in courage. It’s pretty clear that they like the tax cuts that Trump gave them. They like the attacks on the environment and on labor rights, and they like the young right-wing judges. And they’re all scared of their base. They’re all scared of a Republican primary from a Trump supporter that could take them out,” he continued. The Democratic lawmaker called GOP senators’ support of Trump his “biggest disappointment” during his time in the Senate.  

Brown, who served in the House from 1993 to 2007, added that if he were still a representative, he would support Trump’s impeachment. He did not support the impeachment of former President Clinton at the time.  

“The difference is that [Trump] did things that even [former President] Nixon never did,” Brown said.

“This current president asked for help from a foreign government to help himself, to help his own election,” Brown said. “That’s clearly an impeachable offense.”