GOP senator rips Biden over Afghanistan: ‘The biggest terrorist victory since 9/11’

Republican Sen. John Kennedy (La.) ripped President Joe Biden for his withdrawal in Afghanistan, saying it is the biggest win terrorist have had since the Sept. 11 attacks that killed more than 2,000 Americans.

“It was the biggest terrorist victory since 9/11, and Jihadists who want to hurt this country and its people all over the world are reinvigorated today,” Kennedy said in a YouTube video on Tuesday.

“The president ought to hide his head in a bag,” Kennedy added.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan this weekend, capturing the capital city of Kabul while the president of the country fled the scene.

There are still thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies trapped in the country with more troops needed to be sent in to carry out evacuation efforts.

“President Biden chose to withdraw from Afghanistan, but there’s no reason it had to be so chaotic. We all saw it: The panic, the fear, the chaos, the abandonment of equipment, the scrambling to destroy unclassified documents and classified documents, thousands of Americans and our allies trapped behind Taliban lines, no plan for the refugees,” Kennedy said.

“I am so sorry that all of our American soldiers who fought so valiantly [in Afghanistan] had to witness what we all saw, and what we saw was stunning incompetence,” he added.

Kennedy also expressed how he believes the display in Afghanistan will weaken the U.S. on the world stage, particularly with Russia and China.

“Our enemies—China and Russia—are laughing. And our veterans are crying, and I cry with them,” Kennedy said. 

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