Alabama gov. booked into jail for campaign finance violations

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) was booked into Montgomery County Jail on Monday evening for two misdemeanor charges related to campaign finance violations.

Bentley resigned on Monday evening, after reaching an agreement with both state lawmakers and law enforcement officials.

The agreement comes on the day of impeachment hearings were set to begin, allowing Bentley to avoid the public spectacle.


State lawmakers arranged the hearings after the state Ethics Commission found probable cause that Bentley had broken state campaign finance rules.

Bentley’s governorship became embroiled with scandal after his wife recorded a sexually suggestive phone call between the Alabama governor and his senior political adviser Rebekah Mason that led to divorce the first couple’s divorce.

An impeachment report said Bentley "encouraged an atmosphere of intimidation" in order to hide his affair with Mason, according to a Friday Associated Press report.

Montgomery attorney Jack Sharman released a report alleging that Bentley used the power of his position to cover up his affair by threatening his staffers, using state resources to move Mason around the state and other misdeeds.

Bentley, who has served as Alabama’s governor since 2011, will have to pay a $600 bond for the two misdemeanor charges.