Kasich: 'I think political parties are on their way out'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) said Sunday he doesn't expect political parties will be around for much longer.

"in Ohio today, we're more united," Kasich said during an interview on CBS's "Face The Nation."
"You know why? Because I'm not playing that stupid political game. And I think political parties are on their way out, essentially."

Kasich pointed to Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersThe Memo: Biden faces tough road on pledge to heal nation Clyburn: Biden falling short on naming Black figures to top posts Prepare for buyers' remorse when Biden/Harris nationalize health care MORE (I-Vt.), who he said is talking about "reconstructing" the Democratic Party.


"I think people care less about party," Kasich said.

"They want action and things done. But it's not just politicians ... it's where you work and where you live and what you do."

During the interview, Kasich also said he thinks President Trump has done certain things well so far, but has made other decisions he doesn't agree with. Kasich was a Republican candidate for president alongside Trump and wrote in John McCainJohn Sidney McCainJuan Williams: Obama's dire warnings about right-wing media Democrats' squabbling vindicates Biden non-campaign McSally, staff asked to break up maskless photo op inside Capitol MORE on his ballot after dropping out of the race, rather than vote for the GOP nominee. 

"The story about yanking people out of their homes, who have not committed a crime, once they've come into this country, dividing families more, I don't agree with," the Ohio governor said about the Trump administration's immigration and deportation policies. 
"I think what he did in Syria was correct," Kasich said. Trump ordered an airstrike there after the Syrian government used chemical weapons that led to civilian casualties.  

"He seems to have toned down some of these things. But look, it's 100 days, John. He's never held public office. He's learning. And there is a big learning curve." 

Trump will hit the 100-day mark of his presidency on Saturday.