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Chair of Texas Log Cabin Republicans group resigns after state GOP adopts new platform

The acting chair of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas (LCR) resigned Thursday just days after the new proposed Texas GOP platform defined homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice.”

In his resignation letter shared via the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas social media page, Michael Cargill said that it was with “great concern” that he leaves the board.

He added that David Garza, the LCR’s Texas secretary and vice president of LCR Austin, along with Mimi Planas, the president of LCR San Antonio, will also resigning from the Texas board.

Cargill cited a “path of divisiveness” and “lack of respect,” as well as “bully tactics, lack of cohesion and unwillingness to work with all chapter and state LCR leaders in the organization.”

He added that he sees “DC and California LCR members inexplicably interceding in Texas affairs” and trying to bully the Texas GOP.

According to Cargill, he will continue to be president of LCR Austin, where he says the organization has a “great working relationship” with the GOP leadership at the Texas Capitol.

The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas describes the organization as “a group of LGBT Republicans and their straight allies” who have chosen to transform the GOP from the inside, “working to overcome the forces of exclusion and intolerance.” 

The Republican Party of Texas on Saturday adopted the 40-page platform at its biennial convention in Houston after passing the party’s new principles, which includes a section titled “Homosexuality and Gender Issues.”

“We believe there should be no granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin,” the document reads.

In response, Cargill told KXAN on Sunday, “It’s a small minority of people that are being un-Christian-like and spewing this hateful language.” 

The Hill has reached out to the Texas GOP and LCR for comment.

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