Trump not mentioned during Gillespie's final rally

Trump not mentioned during Gillespie's final rally
© Greg Nash

President Trump was reportedly not mentioned during Republican Ed Gillespie's final campaign rally before the election for Virginia governor.

The rally included 10 speakers and Trump was not brought up once, according to Washington Examiner.

“I don’t think that you necessarily have to focus on one person who’s in power to make your case for any office,” Jeff Dove Jr., a Republican who has volunteered for Gillespie, told the newspaper.


During the rally, the speakers urged voters to turn out at the polls.

The stakes are high in Virginia on Tuesday as Democrats are looking to maintain their hold on the governor's mansion.

The race has become a fierce battle in its final month. Some polls show Gillespie gaining on Democrat Ralph Northam.

A Democratic win in Virginia would give the party its first major electoral win since Trump took office. It would be a chance for the party to build momentum as it aims to retake the House majority in next year's midterm elections.

Trump early Tuesday morning took to Twitter to speak in support of Gillespie and hit on Northam.

"Ralph Northam will allow crime to be rampant in Virginia," Trump tweeted. "He’s weak on crime, weak on our GREAT VETS, Anti-Second Amendment and has been horrible on Virginia economy. Vote today!"

He said Gillespie would "totally turn around the high crime and poor economic performance of VA."