Connecticut governor signs equal pay bill

Connecticut governor signs equal pay bill
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Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) signed legislation on Tuesday aimed at closing the gender pay gap in the state. 

"Even as they work harder and harder, the pay gap between men and women who are doing the same job continues to grow — particularly among women of color, and that is completely unacceptable,” Malloy said, according to The Connecticut Post.


“Our work to make sure that women and people of color are paid equally for their work must continue every year in the legislature and every day as we work toward a culture of equality,” he continued.

The National Women’s Law Center reported in 2017 that women in Connecticut earned 79 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts.

Women on average also made $529,160 less over a lifetime than men. 

The legislation, which has been dubbed the pay equity bill, blocks employers from inquiring about salary history before offering candidates positions. 

The bill's supporters say the question on salary history often results in lower pay for women and people of color due to their initial low starting salary. 

Connecticut is one of five states which have enacted pay equity, including Massachusetts.