Charlottesville 'pro-white' marcher elected to GOP position in Washington

Charlottesville 'pro-white' marcher elected to GOP position in Washington
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A man who marched with a “pro-white” group in the Charlottesville, Va., white nationalist rally last summer has been elected to a GOP position in Washington state.

James Allsup attended the rally with far-right group Identity Evropa, according to the Daily Beast. He is now a precinct committee officer for a Spokane-area precinct, after his candidacy was uncontested for four days.


Allsup posted a photo on Facebook of the certificate, signed by the Whitman County auditor, certifying him as an elected Republican Party precinct committee officer. Experts told the Daily Beast that such positions are frequently uncontested.

In the role, Allsup is now in a position to elect party leadership and lead their precinct caucus every two years.

The 22-year-old was also formerly the president of the Washington State University College Republicans, but stepped down from the group after the Charlottesville rally, according to The Spokesman-Review. 

Allsup spoke about his position on an Identity Evropa podcast, according to the Daily Beast, where he discussed the importance of having “a seat at the table” and said he planned to use his position to push “our” political agenda, referring to Identity Evropa. 

“I happen to be involved in the Spokane GOP. I am now actually an elected official in the Whitman County GOP down here where I live,” he said on the podcast, according to the Daily Beast. “You have a seat at the table. And that’s the most important thing, getting that seat at the table, and you can get that seat at the table by, yes, showing up, yes, by bringing people in, and again this doesn’t necessarily only have to be IE members.” Allsup has spoken in the past about similar “entryist” tactics, encouraging college students to turn their College Republicans groups into an “alt-right club.”

Allsup and the Whitman County GOP did not respond to the Daily Beast's request for comment.

Caleb Heimlich, chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, told the Daily Beast that the state group “does not condone identity politics, in any form, whatsoever.”

“It is antithetical to our core values and stands counter to our goal of getting Washington back on the right track,” he said. “We condemned this hateful ideology before, we condemn it today, and will continue to condemn it in the future.”