Missouri won’t pay legal bills for ex-governor Greitens

Missouri won’t pay legal bills for ex-governor Greitens
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The state of Missouri will not pay for former Gov. Eric Greiten's (R) $180,000 in legal fees for a pair of private attorneys who represented him against possible impeachment proceedings, a top state official announced Thursday.

Missouri's Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman decided that the attorneys were not needed for the governor's office and that Greitens, himself, appeared to be the primary beneficiary of the lawyers' work, The Associated Press reported.

Attorneys Eddie Greim and Ross Garber said they were hired by the governor to represent his office, however, Steelman said Greiten's office “at most received incidental benefits” from the lawyer's work. 


The governor also had personal attorneys. 

Greim and Garber both told the AP they hoped Steelman would change her mind on the matter. 

“It looks like we’ve been caught in the middle of a political and politically motivated fight in Missouri,” Garber said. 

“It would be ludicrous to claim that somehow the person who happens to hold the office — or happens to be in office at the time — has to actually personally pay for the office’s production (of records) to the committee,” Greim said. 

Greitens resigned from his gubernatorial post earlier this month after facing impeachment from the state's GOP-led legislature over allegations of blackmail, sexual misconduct and invasion of privacy.

He was accused of taking a photo of a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair without her consent, and threatening to release it publicly if she disclosed the relationship.

The former governor has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, and complained of "legal harassment" against him.