North Dakota mayor calls to abolish local government to block white supremacists

North Dakota mayor calls to abolish local government to block white supremacists

The mayor of a tiny town in North Dakota is calling to abolish the local government in order to stop white supremacists from holding leadership positions, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Ryan Schock, the mayor of Leith, N.D., has collected 12 signatures from the roughly 18 people who reside in the town to dissolve its government, after he said two people aligned with a white supremacist were elected to the city council.

The newspaper reported that a man named Craig Cobb attempted to turn Leith into a safe haven for fellow white supremacists in 2013, buying up lots around town and encouraging those with similar views to join him.


Shock and other residents fought back against Cobb’s efforts and succeeded at blocking his attempt. But two of the people who moved to town during Cobb’s attempted takeover won seats on the city council with write-in votes during elections on June 12.

“We have to dissolve the town because that idiot showed up," Schock told The Bismarck Tribune recently, referring to Cobb. "He wanted control of it, and now he can’t have it."

He added that under his plan the town will still exist, but will no longer have a mayor or council and will instead be run by the county.

"Not having a city council, it's not wiping Leith off of the map. Leith is always going to be here, the Leith signs are always going to be there. It's just not going to have a council and a mayor anymore if this resolution goes through," Schock told a local TV station.

The newly elected council members have denied that they are sympathizers of Cobb.

Cobb served four years of probation for “terrorizing residents of Leith” and now resides in a different North Dakota town, reported KFGO in Fargo.

Leith residents will vote on July 23 on whether to dissolve the town government.