Ohio state reps offer bill that would make teachers 'out' students to their parents

 Ohio state reps offer bill that would make teachers 'out' students to their parents
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Two Ohio legislators are pushing a bill that would make teachers inform parents that their children may be transgender.

Republican state Reps. Tom Brinkman and Paul Zeltwanger’s legislation would require any “government agents,” teachers included, to immediately report to a child’s parent or guardian if they demonstrate “a desire to be treated in a manner opposite the child's biological sex.”

After receiving notice, parents would then have the choice to receive “treatment” including “Educational materials, classes, or programs,” or “Medical, psychological, social, or other professional treatment, therapy, counseling, or other services.”


Without permission from a parent, teachers would be charged with a fourth-degree felony if they try to share sex or gender counseling resources with a student.

Should parents decline to provide counseling or resources to their child, the bill would prevent this from being used against them in custody cases or abuse and neglect complaints.

Brinkman first introduced the legislation after an Ohio county court granted custody of a teenager to his grandparents, CNN reported.

The parents of the teenager, who identifies as male, had tried to push him to stop receiving treatment and therapy, however, his grandparents supported his decision to seek hormone therapy.

"Parents have the right to decide what is best for their children," Brinkman told a local news outlet in defense of his bill.