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All 4 West Virginia Supreme Court justices impeached

The West Virginia House of Delegates impeached the entire state Supreme Court on Monday night, according to multiple reports. 

NBC News reported the state lawmakers voted to impeach all four justices over spending issues and abuse of authority. 

{mosads}The state lawmakers first voted to impeach Justice Allen Loughry on eight articles after he spent $363,000 in renovations to his office, according to the network. He was reportedly found to have lied to the House Finance Committee about having a $42,000 antique desk and computers, owned by the state, transferred to his home and using state vehicles for his personal use.

Justice Robin Davis was impeached after using $500,000 for office renovations, the network added. 

State lawmakers initially overlooked Chief Justice Margaret Workman’s spending of $111,000 on office renovations, according to NBC News, but she was later impeached for her role in allowing senior-status judges to receive higher wages than allowed, as were Davis and Loughry. 

Justice Beth Walker was the final justice whom lawmakers voted to impeach after she was found to be guilty of abusing her authority, an article that also counted against the other justices. Lawmakers had previously decided to look past her spending $131,000 on office renovations, the network added.

Former Justice Menis Ketchum reportedly resigned from the bench last month and pleaded guilty to one count of federal wire fraud.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) will reportedly be allowed to appoint new justices to replace those who were impeached. He is not required to appoint justices from the same party as the incumbent as well.


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