Police arrest suspect in double murder of North Carolina mayor, wife

Police arrest suspect in double murder of North Carolina mayor, wife
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One man has been charged and another is in custody after the mayor of Leggett, N.C., and his wife, were found shot to death in their home on Thursday night, according to local reports.

Keith Earl Williams, 25, and a second man whose name has not been released were arrested in connection with the killings, Edgecombe County Sheriff Cleveland Atkinson said Friday, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

Williams has been charged with first-degree murder in the case, according to the report.


Leggett Town Commissioner Teresa Summerlin identified the deceased couple as Leggett Mayor Gary Skelton and his wife, Jackie Dawn Skelton, NBC affiliate WRAL reported.

"The terror that they had to have felt, going through what they were going through, it's unimaginable," Summerlin told the news station.

"It is unimaginable what they came home to last night, that's what sickens me to my core, how they must have felt. It sickens me and they were the epitome of good people, they were awesomely good people," she added.

Gary Skelton previously survived a near-fatal automobile crash last year, Summerlin told WRAL.

Police officials said they do not believe additional suspects to be at large, WRAL reported.

The killings come just months after the former mayor of Fremont, N.C., Andy Green, was found shot to death in his home in June. The investigation into his death is ongoing.

Leggett's population is recorded at just 55, according to the NBC affiliate, and is located roughly 70 miles east of Raleigh.