Stacey Abrams: Kemp investigation into election hacking is a 'witch hunt'

Stacey Abrams: Kemp investigation into election hacking is a 'witch hunt'
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Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) on Monday slammed Georgia secretary of state and GOP opponent Brian Kemp's recent probe into possible election hacking by the state's Democratic Party.

"It’s a witch hunt that was created by someone who is abusing his power," Abrams said on CNN, adding that it shouldn't even be characterized as an investigation. "Friday, Brian Kemp was notified that there was yet another flaw in the election security system. Twice before he has accidentally released the information of 6 million Georgians."


"This was about to happen again," she added. "Instead of owning up to it, taking responsibility and seeking a way to fix the flaw, he instead decided to blame Democrats because he does that."

Kemp's office announced the probe on Sunday, saying that it was investigating Democrats for possible "cyber crimes."

Rebecca DeHart, executive director of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said in a statement Sunday that the probe was an "abuse of power by an unethical Secretary of State" and called the allegations of cyber crimes "100 percent false."

Kemp, who leads the office that oversees Georgia's elections, has rejected calls from Abrams and others to resign from his position as secretary of state while campaigning for governor. He has previously faced accusations of voter suppression, specifically a report that said 53,000 voters, most of them black, had their voter registration applications put on hold because they failed to meet the state's "exact match" law requiring information on applications to exactly match information on other government forms.

If elected, Abrams would become the nation's first black female governor.

The announcement of the investigation into the state's Democratic Party came two days before the election, which is expected to be a close race between Abrams and Kemp.