Pennsylvania state Republicans demand additional residency information from Dem senator-elect

The Republican-led Pennsylvania state Senate is pushing forward an effort to block a Democratic senator-elect from taking her seat because of residency concerns.

GOP Senate President Pro-Tempore Joe Scarnati is asking Sen.-elect Lindsey Williams to provide further documentation proving that she has lived in the state for four years, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Scarnati wrote last week that he questions Williams’s “qualification to be sworn in to serve in accordance with the Constitutional requirements.”


One effort by the state’s Republicans to have Williams removed from the ballot over residency requirements through a lawsuit already failed.

Williams has repeatedly disputed Republican accusations that she does not meet the four-year residency requirement and provided evidence including voter registration records, a speeding ticket and a job offer letter.

Scarnati is now asking Williams to provide copies of her drivers license, home ownership and rental documents, employment history and tax information within seven days. He also informed Williams that she can request a hearing before a panel of senators.