California city council member reads QAnon post at council meeting: 'God bless Q'

A California city council member referred to the QAnon conspiracy theory during her goodbye address this week, marking what appears to be the first time an elected official has brought up the far-ranging "deep state" theory during official business, The Daily Beast reported on Thursday

San Juan Capistrano councilwoman Pam Patterson read a QAnon post at a meeting with lawmakers. 


“God bless America, God bless Q, and God bless San Juan Capistrano,” she said.

The persona known as Q first posted on internet forum 4chan last year, claiming to be a high-ranking security official in the Trump administration with inside information about the president's plans to subvert the "deep state." Q has pushed an unsubstantiated theory that Trump and military officials are planning to arrest hordes of political and media leaders involved in a pedophilia scheme in what Q and its followers call “The Storm.”

Q often communicates through anonymous clues left on online forums including 4chan and 8chan. Patterson recited one of those clues during her speech.

“To quote Q, number 2436,” Patterson said. “For far too long, we have been silent and allowed our bands of strength that we once formed to defend freedom and liberty to deteriorate. We became divided. We became weak. We elected traitors to govern us.” 

She concluded with a signature Qanon phrase, saying, “Where we go one, we go all. Q.”

The QAnon conspiracy theory has steadily infiltrated the mainstream. Supporters at Trump rallies have been depicted holding "Q" signs this year, and Vice President Pence recently posted a photo of himself with a law enforcement officer wearing a QAnon patch. Pence's tweet was later deleted. 

Trump met with one of the leaders of QAnon, Lionel Lebron, in the Oval Office in August.

Patterson has also met with Trump. She came to the White House as part of a California delegation opposed to the state’s sanctuary law for immigrants, according to The Daily Beast. 

The OC Weekly reported that this was not the first public comment Patterson made to Q or the QAnon followers.