New York state funds Statue of Liberty to remain open during shutdown

The New York state government is funding the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to keep them open during the partial government shutdown that has affected national parks across the country.

New York has kept the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island open during federal government shutdowns three times in the past five years, CBS New York reported.

When the government funded the Statue of Liberty in January of this year, it reportedly cost $65,000 per day. 

Most national parks in the U.S. are reducing staffing and some parks-run locations are shutting down completely during the shutdown, which started after Congress failed to reach an agreement by the Friday deadline. 

The shutdown could affect around an estimated 800,000 workers, NPR reported

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) also called for the state to underwrite the cost of keeping the Grand Canyon open, and nonprofit organizations are funding Pearl Harbor in Hawaii for the time being, according to

Utah's government is reportedly paying to keep open Zion, Bryce Canyon and Arches national parks. 

White House officials and congressional leaders have predicted that the shutdown could go on until next week, and could even last until after the 116th Congress comes in on Jan. 4.