Ohio legislature overturns Kasich veto on bill broadening gun owners' rights

The Ohio legislature on Thursday overturned outgoing Gov. John Kasich's (R) veto on a bill broadening gun owners' rights.

The Senate voted 21-11 in favor of striking down Kasich's veto on the bill, following a House override earlier on Thursday, The Associated Press reported.


Ohio House Bill 228 would shift the burden of proof to prosecutors to show that defendants used force in self-defense.

In his veto statement earlier this month, Kasich said he believes the defendant should have to prove self-defense.

"This has never been the law in Ohio; the defendant has always had the burden of proving self-defense," Kasich wrote in the message. "This provision of the bill is strongly opposed by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association." 

The governor said he vetoed the bill based on provisions that would "benefit from additional considerations," citing the burden of proof section and limitations the bill sets on cities and counties that hope to to pass local gun restrictions. 

The bill has received widespread support from pro-gun groups. 

It originally contained so-called "stand your ground" language, which would have eliminated the "duty to retreat" provision in Ohio law when someone enters a life-threatening situation, but that language was removed earlier this year, local radio station WVXU reported.

Kasich has been floated as a potential primary challenger to President Trump in 2020. He is widely seen as a moderate who is willing to buck his party’s leader.