New head of Arizona schools takes oath of office on children's book

The new head of Arizona's public schools, Kathy Hoffman (D), took her oath of office on a children's book Monday.

Hoffman, the new Arizona superintendent of public instruction, explained that she took the oath on a copy of "Too Many Moose" because of her personal connection to the book.

"This has a lot of sentimental value to me because this is my students' favorite book," she said.

Hoffman is replacing Diane Douglas (R) to become the first Democratic superintendent in Arizona in over 20 years. Her election comes after a year marked by massive teacher protests over pay throughout the state.


After the swearing-in, Hoffman highlighted the importance of increasing investment in education.

"Imagine if we elevated the voices of our teachers and let educators lead," Hoffman said, according to the Arizona Republic.

"Imagine if we celebrated the diversity within our state and within our schools and treated multilingualism as an asset. Imagine if we worked collaboratively and used research to guide us toward the best [policies for students]."