Pro-choice lawmaker proposes measure requiring women to report pregnancies to state

A Democratic state legislator in Kentucky proposed an amendment to require women to report pregnancies each month to the state to raise awareness of Republican anti-abortion bills she called unnecessary and intrusive.

Kentucky Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D) filed the proposal that would require women of childbearing age to provide a notarized doctor's statement to the state each month indicating whether they are pregnant, The Louisville Courier Journal reported Friday.

Women who failed to provide the doctors note "shall be subject to arrest and fines." Pregnant women who fail to provide the note "will be fitted with an ankle monitor for the duration of the pregnancy," Marzian's proposal said.


Her proposed amendment is to Kentucky House Bill 148, also known as the “trigger bill," which would ban abortion in Kentucky if a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court ever overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide.

The Republican bill passed through a House committee on Thursday.

"It's so arrogant of a bunch of legislators," Marizan said of the GOP proposal. "It's none of our business, to interfere in personal and private decisions of women."

The pro-choice lawmaker said she knows her amendment won’t be accepted in the House and won’t deter anti-abortion bills but wanted to call out a measure she deemed unnecessary. 

"We have so many other needs in the commonwealth than to interfere with reproductive rights," she said.”

This is not the first time Marizan has proposed amendments to parody GOP proposals, The Courier Journal reported.

In 2016, Marizan pushed to require Kentucky men to visit the doctor twice and have signed permissions from their wives before receiving a Viagra prescription or other drugs for erectile dysfunction. Husbands would have also been required to swear they were only having sex with their spouses.

That bill died in the House, the outlet noted.