West Virginia set for teacher strike

Teachers' union leaders in West Virginia announced Monday that the state’s educators are set to go on strike.

The call for a strike comes in response to an education reform bill currently making its way through the West Virginia legislature, that, according to WVNews, includes amendments that call for an increase in charter schools in the state.


Harrison County Education Association President Lillie Junkins told the local outlet teachers are prepared to picket outside of public schools starting Tuesday.

“With the way things went today, state leadership felt it was necessary to do this,” Junkins said.

She did not indicate how long the strike could last for.

Several counties in the state have already announced school closures due to the pending strike.

West Virginia teachers become the latest to go on strike, following successful strikes by teachers in Los Angeles and Denver earlier this year.

Teachers in the state also went on strike last year to protest low wages and increasing health-care costs.

Last year, teachers in several states went on strike following the lead of West Virginia, pushing for better benefits and better conditions for students.