NY business leader hopeful 'last-ditch' effort will save Amazon deal

NY business leader hopeful 'last-ditch' effort will save Amazon deal
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A prominent New York business leader said in an interview broadcast Sunday that state and local officials are in talks with Amazon amid a "last-ditch" effort to keep part of the company's second headquarters in Queens.

Kathryn Wylde, the president of the Partnership for New York City, told John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York that the ongoing conversations with the retail giant also include local business leaders.


"No one is more upset about this than the business community," she said. "Having [Amazon] here would have been such a tremendous asset for our role and growth in the technology sector."

The New York Times reported that Wylde's group helped coordinate a letter to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos that would appear as a full-page newspaper ad and express support for the company's presence in the city. 

"We wanted to make one last-ditch effort: Can we get them to rethink and come back and work with us rather than leave us in the lurch?” Wylde said Sunday.

"If we’re going to attract big investment, big commitments of jobs from firms that are used to operating in an environment that is not as highly taxed, we’re going to have to give them some incentive," she added.

Wylde lamented that the city would "get nothing" if Amazon opted out entirely.

Amazon pulled out of New York City last month amid fierce backlash from some lawmakers who criticized the lucrative tax incentives given to the tech giant, and expressed concerns about its treatment of unions and potential to drive up living costs in Queens.

An Amazon spokesperson said at the time that the company would not search for another location for its second headquarters, and instead would move forward with plans for a new headquarters in Northern Virginia.