South Carolina GOP lawmakers kill bill to extend voter registration

South Carolina GOP lawmakers kill bill to extend voter registration
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Republican lawmakers in South Carolina reportedly killed a bill this week that would have extended voter registration.

The lawmakers squashed the bill Wednesday over concerns of voter registration fraud, according to local news outlet The State.


The bill passed the South Carolina House last month on a 70-30 vote, but 20 Republicans switched their votes Wednesday and seven more Republicans who didn’t vote previously voted “no” on Wednesday.

The final vote to kill the bill was 55-40.

“I am disappointed that a bill that seeks to improve services to our citizens and simplify the process would be voted down on partisan lines for no logical reason,” state Rep. Laurie Funderburk (D), who sponsored the bill, told the news outlet.

The bill would have extended voter registration deadlines an additional week. Currently in South Carolina, voter registrations, along with applications and absentee voter forms, must be turned in 30 days before the election.

The new bill would have shortened the time frame to 25 days.

South Carolina GOP chairman Drew McKissick said he was worried the extended voter registration would give election officials less time to complete their work.

“It allows a full work week of less time for election officials to verify registration applications, and moves the application deadline a full week inside of the beginning of absentee voting,” McKissick told The State.

He added that he believed the “cons outweigh the pros, to put it simply.”