Second judge blocks Wisconsin laws GOP passed during lame-duck to limit Dem powers

A second Wisconsin judge Tuesday blocked parts of a law to curtail Democratic authority that was passed during last year's lame-duck session by the state's GOP-controlled legislature, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Judge Frank Remington reportedly issued a temporary injunction on some of the provisions, claiming that the plaintiffs were likely to prove they violated the separation-of-powers doctrine in the state constitution.


The series of laws signed by then-Gov. Scott Walker (R) in December limiting the powers of his Democratic successor, Gov. Tony Evers, were blocked by another judge last week.

Judge Richard Niess voided all the lawmakers' actions because he concluded they had brought themselves into session at a time that wasn't allowed, according to the Sentinel.

Tuesday's ruling strengthens the position of Democrats, as Republicans would need to get two orders from appeals courts to put the laws back in place. 

The laws would shift powers away from Evers and Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul to the GOP-controlled Wisconsin legislature.

Evers celebrated Tuesday's decision on Twitter, calling it an "important victory for the people of Wisconsin and our constitution."