Arkansas men arrested for taking turns shooting one another in bulletproof vest

Police arrested two Arkansas men for shooting each other as they took turns wearing a bulletproof vest, according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Charles Eugene Ferris and Christopher Hicks were arrested Monday for aggravated assault. A Benton County sheriff’s deputy interviewed Ferris, who had gone to Mercy Hospital Sunday evening with a red spot on his chest, according to the newspaper. Ferris told the deputy he had been shot six times while protecting a man he referred to as his “asset.”


But when the deputy questioned his wife, she told him Ferris had been drinking with his neighbor when she heard a gunshot, after which she saw Ferris had a mark on his chest.

Ferris eventually confessed he had made up the story to keep Hicks out of trouble, saying that he had told Hicks to shoot him while wearing a bullet-resistant vest. Hicks then shot Ferris in the chest with a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle, the bullet hitting the top left corner of Ferris’s chest.

Hicks then put on the vest and Farris, angry about being shot, said he “unloaded the clip” with the remaining five rounds at Hicks’s back. None of the rounds penetrated the vest, according to the newspaper.

Ferris was arrested after his release from the hospital, while Hicks was arrested at his home and the rifle and vest seized. Prosecutors have not formally charged either man, but their arraignments are scheduled for May 13, according to the Democrat-Gazette.