Lawsuit: South Carolina prison guards left stabbing victim to die in yard

Lawsuit: South Carolina prison guards left stabbing victim to die in yard
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A South Carolina woman reportedly filed lawsuit against the state Department of Corrections Thursday, alleging that after her son was stabbed in his cell, correctional officers dragged him to the yard and left him to die.

In the lawsuit, Debra Capers Dickson claims personnel at Turbeville Correctional Institution allowed Allen Capers to bleed to death on New Year’s Eve 2017. Surveillance footage released by the family’s attorney depicts Capers repeatedly struggled to rise to his feet with correctional officers approaching him several times without giving him medical treatment, according to CNN. Capers was not given medical attention until several hours later, the lawsuit says.


In a Thursday news conference, an attorney for Dickson claimed inmates were able to obtain keys from a correctional officer, after which they opened Capers’s cell and stabbed him several times in the head, neck, stomach and hand. The wrongful death lawsuit reportedly claims that in addition to gross negligence, the Department of Corrections did not place an appropriate number of correctional staff in the facility, and staff were not properly trained to recognize medical emergencies.

"It's not a death sentence just because you go to prison," Dickson said. "You go to prison, you get reformed and you come back into society."

"There are just far too many problems that have been neglected to be addressed for far too long," added Dickson’s attorney, Justin Bamberg, who is also a state representative. "Things like safety, things like changing out the locking system, things like having a proper staffing — all of these would have prevented this from happening to Allen Capers.”

South Carolina Department of Corrections spokesperson Chrysti Shain told CNN that both the incident and the officers involved were under review.

"More should have been done to render aid and help this offender,” Shain said.