New Jersey removes Mississippi flag from local park due to Confederate imagery

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) ordered a state park to remove the Mississippi flag due to the fact that it contains Confederate imagery.

In a tweet Friday, Murphy said the Mississippi flag at Liberty State Park would be replaced by the American flag, saying the imagery does not reflect the state's "values."

“The Confederate symbol does not reflect New Jersey’s values of inclusivity and equality,” he wrote.

The 1,200-acre state park in Jersey City contains a display featuring the flags of each state, according to the Associated Press. Mississippi will be the only state flag not included.


Mississippi’s state flag contains the Confederate battle emblem, which is made up of a red backdrop with a blue X on top, with 13 white stars inside the X.

In a statement responding to Murphy’s decision, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said he was disappointed by the move.

"I'm disappointed in Gov. Murphy's actions. As I have repeatedly said, the voters of Mississippi should decide what the state flag is or is not,” Bryant said, according to the Associated Press.

Debate over the contents of Mississippi’s flag has gained steam in recent months, with a Republican candidate for attorney general in the state calling for the Confederate imagery to be removed.

Candidate Andy Taggart said the flag represents the state’s past instead of the future, and that it has a role in driving young people out of the state.

In a statewide election in 2001, voters in Mississippi decided to keep the flag the state currently has, the AP noted.