Terry McAuliffe seriously considering second Virginia governor run: report

Terry McAuliffe seriously considering second Virginia governor run: report
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Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is reportedly giving serious consideration to running for a second gubernatorial term. 

Six people close to McAuliffe, who left the governor's mansion last year, told Politico that he strongly considering a bid to return, and that Democrats in the state are working as if he is running. 


“Among Democratic functionaries and party officials and people who follow this, it would not be a surprise,” Democratic state Sen. Chap Petersen said.

The news come as Virginia's top Democratic leaders are embroiled in scandal. 

Earlier this year, a picture from Gov. Ralph Northam's (D) medical school yearbook page surfaced, showing a man in blackface and another dressed as a Ku Klux Klan member. Northam denied being either man, but did say he once darkened his skin to dress like Michael Jackson. The state's attorney general also admitted to dressing in blackface as a teen. 

Two women, meanwhile, have accused Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) of sexual misconduct. 

All three men have rejected calls to resign, and party officials reportedly fear backlash at the ballot box. Virginia is one of the few states to hold statewide elections in off years such as 2019, but Northam's term isn't up until 2022.

McAuliffe is reportedly having strategy sessions with state Democrats and also thinking about crating a PAC. 

As Democrats try to take back the state legislature, McAuliffe adviser Josh Schwerin told Politico that the close Clinton family ally is focused on helping the Democrats in November, but that he also very much enjoyed his time as governor. 

“Being governor of Virginia was the highlight of his life and I’m sure he’d love it again,” he said. 

Virginia does not allow governors to have consecutive terms, but does not prohibit a governor from leaving office and then running again. 

Others told Politico, however, that McAuliffe might prefer a national Cabinet or ambassador position if a Democrat wins the White House in 2020. 

“Terry McAuliffe has a lot of options of what he can do in life,” said state Democratic Party Chairwoman Susan Swecker, a friend of the former governor.