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Billboard welcomes people to Colorado, ‘Where you can get a safe, legal abortion’

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A new billboard welcoming people to Colorado advertises the state as a safe place to obtain an abortion as others implement restrictions on the procedure. 

The billboard, first reported by CBS Denver, was installed by the group “Keep Abortion Safe,” and reads: “Welcome to Colorado, where you can get a safe, legal abortion.” The sign has been placed on a highway leading into Colorado from Utah. 

The installation of the billboard comes as states including Utah, Georgia and Alabama pass controversial laws restricting abortion access in their states. 

{mosads}The Alabama Senate voted last week to effectively ban the procedure entirely unless the mother’s life is at stake. Sixteen states have also passed or are currently considering abortion bans once a fetal heartbeat is detected about six weeks into pregnancy. Four states have approved so-called heartbeat abortion laws.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) signed a law in March banning abortion in the state after 18 weeks, though the law is being challenged in court.

In an interview with CBS Denver, Keep Abortion Safe co-founder Fawn Bolak said she hopes the sign sends a message to Utahans.

“The goal of the billboard was meant to be a bold message to our neighbors coming in. That they are now entering a state that respects and allows them to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions,” Bolak told CBS. “We also have instances of folks traveling from all over the country to come to Colorado for the access we have.”

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