Florida bans childlike sex dolls

Florida bans childlike sex dolls
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Florida has banned childlike sex dolls that are "eerily similar to real human children."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantisRon DeSantisACLU sues Florida over law targeting ballot initiatives Montana governor approves restrictions on transgender athletes in schools Advocates sound alarm as restrictive voting laws pile up MORE (R) signed a bill on Thursday banning people in the state from owning the dolls. The measure had been unanimously approved by the Florida legislature.

The law "prohibits a person from knowingly having in his or her possession, custody, or control an obscene, childlike sex doll."

Democratic state Sen. Lauren Book, who introduced the bill, and other supporters argue that owning the dolls encourages "child predators." 


"These are anatomically correct, lifelike silicone dolls that are eerily similar to real human children made for the sole purpose of sexual gratification,”  she said in a statement. “Just as viewing child pornography lowers the inhibitions of child predators, so do these childlike sex dolls that have no place in the state of Florida.”

According to Orlando Weekly, some opponents of the measure argued that the dolls deter pedophilia by preventing child predators from acting out on their impulses with real children. 

The U.S. House passed a similar law almost one year ago.

The bill aimed to block the importation and transportation of anatomically correct childlike dolls, mannequins or robots "intended for use in sexual acts."

It was called the Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots, or CREEPER Act, and is stalled in the Senate.