California police department deploys 'RoboCop' to aid officers

California police department deploys 'RoboCop' to aid officers

A California police department has deployed a “RoboCop” to aid the force in patrolling public areas, the city wrote in a news release.

The autonomous data machine, which the city of Huntington Park officially introduced Tuesday, is “meant to serve outdoors” and has 360-degree video footage. The device is intended to “act as an extra set of eyes” in places like parks, city buildings and other areas police don’t have time to consistently monitor, according to the release.


The city hopes the RoboCop, which has already been patrolling for several weeks, will serve as a deterrent to crime and disruptive activity.

A video released by the city shows the RoboCop rolling down a park sidewalk while making noise before saying, “Good day to you.”

"I'm very excited that we can officially call on HP RoboCop to help our police officers patrol our city," Mayor Karina Macias said in the release. "This is a big accomplishment for our city and introducing HP RoboCop shows innovation and the incorporation of new technology.”

The HP RoboCop even has its own Twitter account, which has more than 350 followers.

Some social media users praised the city for the new addition, while others were more skeptical. One user said the robot looked like “a glorified toaster oven or a knock off of R2D2” from the “Star Wars” trilogy.

“This will not end well,” another user wrote.