New Hampshire's GOP governor to allow nonbinary gender option on state-issued licenses

New Hampshire's GOP governor to allow nonbinary gender option on state-issued licenses
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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) has allowed a law giving nonbinary Granite Staters a third gender option on their drivers’ licenses to become law without his signature, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The measure will be effective Jan. 1, 2020, after passing both chambers of the state legislature in a voice vote.

Under the law, licenses and non-driver identification cards will include the options “M,” “F” and “X,” according to the newspaper.


Twelve other states as well as the District of Columbia already allow the option, according to the Union Leader.

“This victory is life-changing for the many Granite Staters who identify as non-binary, and is another step toward decreasing stigmatization, promoting equality, and ensuring that state identification documents are accurate and affirming,” Devon Chaffee, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire, told the paper.

“Last year, we worked to put comprehensive discrimination protections for transgender people into law, and this year, we’re building on that incredible success,” said Linds Jakows, former campaign manager for Freedom NH. “The last two years demonstrate the incredible momentum and support in New Hampshire for the trans and gender non-binary community.”

Alex McEntee said they planned to be one of the first people in the state to make use of the new option.

“I have long thought the ‘F’ that is currently on my license stands for ‘fraudulent,’ because it is simply not correct,” McEntee told the newspaper. “I applaud every legislator who heard my testimony and that of other nonbinary Granite Staters and voted to stand with us in solidarity by supporting HB 669.”