Gunman on the run after killing 2 people on a Houston highway

Gunman on the run after killing 2 people on a Houston highway
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Police in Houston are looking for a gunman who killed two people on a busy freeway following a collision and then fled the scene after a bystander fired at him.

Houston police on Thursday tweeted that the fatal shooting occurred along Interstate 10 at 5:55 p.m. local time.

USA Today and ABC News reported that bystanders described a gunman exiting a vehicle after colliding with another car, forcing it off the road. The gunman then ran down the hill toward the other car and shot two men in the chest with what appeared to be an assault-style rifle, according to witnesses.


The gunman, described as a Hispanic male, fled the scene after an onlooker opened fire when the suspect turned toward witnesses. The two victims, described as African American men, died at the scene, according to news reports.

KHOU-TV reporter Daniel Gotera described the "unreal" scene and said the suspect began shooting at the second car "in the middle of the freeway."

"Unreal scene just witnessed on I-10 in Houston, east bound lanes at Holland, just outside the east loop...a guy gets out of his car with gun just shooting in the middle of freeway. Unbelievable," he tweeted.

At a press conference Thursday night, Houston Assistant Police Chief W.R. Dobbins said it was too early to speculate about a motive for the shooting.

"Road rage? An accident? Narcotics? We don't know yet," he said according to ABC.