Michigan high school being built with places to hide in case of shooting

Michigan high school being built with places to hide in case of shooting

A high school being built in Michigan is designed for students and staff to have places to hide in the event of a shooting.

The $48 million Fruitport High School includes controlled locks on all doors that allows district officials the ability to secure every room with the push of a button, according to ABC 13.


The school is set to be finished in 2021 and Fruitport Superintendent Bob Szymoniak predicts schools going forward will follow suit.

"These are going to be design elements that are just naturally part of buildings going into the future," he told the news outlet.

The school will be equipped with impact-resistant film on all classroom windows and is designed with curve hallways to have reduced sight lines for a potential shooter, Szymoniak said, adding that there are also barricades in the hallway for students to hide behind.

"To cut down on sight lines further, it also gives an opportunity for students to hide back behind and hopefully get help from within the classroom," he said.

The nearly $50 million price tag includes new additions and renovations to the existing buildings.

Szymoniak said the decision to specifically design a school with so many elements specifically to be prepared for a mass shootings inside the building was prompted by the frequency of school shootings.

"This building will be the safest, most secure building in the state of Michigan when it opens," he said. "Our ask is that our community be very understanding, keep the eyes on the prize because when our high school is done, it's going [to] be magnificent."