New York county GOP takes down video warning of Hasidic Jewish 'takeover'

A county Republican Party in New York on Thursday removed a video from its Facebook page widely condemned as anti-Semitic.

The video was posted Wednesday by the Rockland County Republican Party and featured a warning of a “takeover” by Hasidic Jews, NBC 4 New York reported.

The video included local news clips detailing community issues claimed to be caused by the recent influx of Jewish people in the county set to ominous music with images of dark storm clouds.


It included messages like "our families" and "our way of life" are at stake.

"If they win, we lose," the video concluded. "Take back control."

Several New York politicians condemned the video Wednesday, prompting the group to remove it the following day.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) called the video "disgusting" and the "very definition of discrimination and anti-Semitism" that has aided in dividing the nation.

Attorney General Letitia James (D) issued a statement saying “attacking those who are different than we are only breeds hate and makes us weaker.”

“We must all stand together to denounce this hateful video,” she added.

While the video was ultimately removed, the group posted a statement to its Facebook page from county GOP chairman Lawrence Garvey that "anyone who dares speak up about overdevelopment, corruption, or education is immediately labeled as anti-Semitic without any concern for facts or without any idea of the true issues at hand."

"Regardless of your thoughts of the video, there are facts that cannot be ignored," Garvey wrote. "What is happening in Rockland is unconscionable."

Both Garvey and the video are referring to recent issues in the county regarding building code enforcement, schools and other public services as the Orthodox Jewish population in Rockland has increased, the local news outlet notes.

The Hill has reached out to the Rockland County Republican Party for comment.