New Jersey man with Nazi collection charged for possessing illegal arsenal

New Jersey man with Nazi collection charged for possessing illegal arsenal
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A New Jersey man, who investigators said had a large collection of white supremacy and Nazi materials, is facing numerous criminal charges, including several counts of possessing illegal weapons and ammunition. 

Michael Zaremski, 25, was indicted by a Sussex County grand jury in late August, just months after police found a homemade arsenal of firearms and high-capacity magazines at his home, according to


The 25-year-old is also being accused of terrorizing his ex-girlfriend and sending a photo of her wearing a Nazi SS hat to her Jewish employer. According to the indictment, Zaremski pointed a gun at the woman's head in January and ordered her to “guess if it’s loaded or not.”

He's also accused of telling the woman, “a woman’s place is to do what the man says," and forcing her to wear a Nazi SS hat. He allegedly took a photo of the scene before creating an Instagram account in her name and following her Jewish employer. 

Prosecutors said that the woman told police about Zaremski's alleged obsession with Adolf Hitler. She also reportedly told police that Zaremski had expressed an interest in committing a mass shooting at a hospital. 

“The allegation is that he had sent a photograph of her wearing part of a Nazi uniform — a hat and some other paraphernalia — to her employer, who is of Jewish descent,” Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Greg Mueller told, adding that the photo led to her dismissal from her job. 

Mueller added that investigators discovered "a large amount of white supremacy material, a lot of Nazi material" while searching Zaremski's home. Prosecutors reportedly believe that the individual is inspired by Right Wing Death Squads, a group that advocates for the killing of Jewish people. 

The indictment also accuses Zaremski of manufacturing and assembling firearms without being registered or licensed. He is facing 39 criminal counts in total, noted. 

Zaremski was arrested in late June after going to speak with police after the woman filed a harassment complaint. He's been awaiting trial in a Sussex County Jail. 

Mueller told that the case was similar to one involving a different New Jersey man arrested on firearm and drug-trafficking charges last month.

Responding to the scene of a motor vehicle accident, New Jersey State Police troopers found various firearms and ammunition inside 57-year-old Joseph Rubino's car. Police also discovered bumper stickers and other materials with white supremacist and neo-Nazi symbols while conducting searches of his car and home.