Woman to settle with San Antonio over alleged inappropriate body search

Woman to settle with San Antonio over alleged inappropriate body search

A woman is expected to settle with the city of San Antonio after filing a lawsuit claiming an inappropriate body search by police. 

Natalie Simms accepted the city's settlement offer of $205,000, The Washington Post reported, which also cited reporting from the San Antonio Express-News.

Simms sued San Antonio and a detective involved in the search after she said she was subjected to a public vaginal cavity search when police stopped her as they were looking for drugs in August 2016.


Police allegedly asked Simms to "spread your legs" and took out her tampon in front of male police officers and other bystanders, according to her lawsuit, the Post reported.

In her suit, Simms called the search a "blatant violation" of her constitutional rights, saying it caused her "significant and lasting harm."

Simms also claimed that the police conducted the search without a warrant or medical staff present and on a public street.

“Even though Natalie was allowed to leave the scene, a part of her dignity and self-worth was left behind,” the Post reported the lawsuit as saying.

The police department referred to the city when contacted by The Hill for comment.

“We evaluate cases and look for potential resolutions without the necessity of proceeding to trial," City Attorney Andy Segovia said in a statement to The Hill. "We were able to resolve this matter with this proposed settlement and believe it to be in the best interest of all involved.”

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