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Mother who warned authorities about her son taking gun to school now facing felony charge for neglect

Mary York, an Indiana mother who last year notified authorities that her son was heading to school with a gun, turned herself in on charges of neglect and criminal recklessness.

NBC News reports York was charged last week in connection to an incident in December in which her son exchanged fire with police officers at his school before he killed himself.

York turned herself in Tuesday and is being held in the Wayne County Jail on one count of dangerous control of a child, four counts of neglect of a dependent and one count of criminal recklessness following an investigation into the incident.

York previously told police that her son suffered from depression prior to the incident at Dennis Intermediate School and she removed him from an inpatient treatment program due to the high costs, NBC News reports.

Court documents allege York failed to prevent her son from gaining access to firearms despite knowing of his mental state.

York's 14-year-old son said he wanted to go to the school and kill students who had bullied him, and he heard voices that told him to kill others and then himself, according to health records.

Court documents say York failed to make reasonable efforts to prevent the use of firearms by the teen to commit a felony, according to the news outlet.