GOP lawmaker: Aiding minors' transgender surgery should be a felony

GOP lawmaker: Aiding minors' transgender surgery should be a felony
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Medical professionals in Georgia could face felony charges for helping minors undergo gender transition under legislation being drafted by a GOP lawmaker in the state, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports

Under the legislation being proposed by State Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (R), medical professionals in Georgia could be charged with a felony for performing a number of procedures designed to help minors with gender transition, such as mastectomies, vasectomies, “castration and other forms of genital mutilization.”


Ehrhart said that the legislation, if passed, would also prohibit prescribing “puberty-blocking drugs to stop or delay normal puberty and cross-sex hormone therapy” to minors.

“The removal of otherwise healthy or non-diseased body parts from minor children would also be prohibited,” she reportedly said in a release. “We’re talking about children that can’t get a tattoo or smoke a cigar or a cigarette in the state of Georgia, but can be castrated and get sterilized."

Ehrhart added that “there may be some implication for the responsibility of the parent to subject the child to this sort of dangerous medical intervention.” 

In the release detailing her proposed legislation, Ehrhart reportedly said a recent parental dispute case involving the gender of a seven-year-old child inspired her to draft the legislation.

In the case – which is currently under review by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services – divorced parents Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas are in a dispute over whether their child is transgender and should be attending gender transition therapy.